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My Story

a watercolour artist

Hi, my name is Julia!

I’m a self-taught professional artist. I was born in an ex-Soviet country in Europe (Estonia) and have made a big move to sunny Australia in my teens.

I get so much joy from watching colours do their magic on paper and translating my ideas and imagination and bringing them to life that I thought every creative soul should have this outlet available to them.

One day in mid 2019, at a painting workshop, a friend of mine confessed she never likes the things she creates, but keeps trying. This made me sad – how and why would anyone feel this way?

Then an idea came to mind – I will create something to help women like her, hence i created this blog, an ultimate resource for you to learn all skills and techniques you need to make the process of painting enjoyable so that you can relax after a long day at work (or chasing kids around the house) and love what you create.

How did I get here:

Ever since I remember, I have been creative. My earliest memory of wanting to draw was in the kindergarten when my kind-hearted teacher was drawing princesses for the kids to colour in (before print-anything-you-like days, remember those?). I was always a shy kid and by the time I mustered a courage to ask, the teacher was already “burnt out” from all the drawings. I told myself i would draw anything i like for myself and i won’t have to wait.

This event started me on a path to constantly drawing animals from books (also pre internet days!), which then evolved to Anime (remember Sailor Moon? ah memories!).

My dream in school was to become an Animator, but life took me on a different path, more specifically a telecommunications engineering path.

As much as I enjoyed my work, creativity was missing from my life and eventually found it’s way back to me. Every time I would come home after a busy stressful day, I wanted to do something with colour, something I could create from nothing, something that would take my imagination and put it on a paper. Can you guess what it was? (nope, you didn’t!) I started scrapbooking ^-^. Which lead to mixed media and i have been creating both interchangeably.

For years I told myself I wasn’t great at drawing so I couldn’t paint – does this resonate? I preferred to shade my drawings with graphite and this took the pressure of colouring with pencils or paints, my first attempts left a lot to be desired, I just didn’t understand painting and didn’t want to practice – I was a drawer.

So what brought me to painting, you ask? Well, Youtube, ofcourse. It always knows -_- . Somehow a video came up with a simple painting, I watched, then another, then another – figured this doesn’t look hard. I tried a simple watercolour painting and I failed, but now I knew that anything is possible if you put your mind to it – so I took some online classes, practiced every day and within just a couple of months started creating artworks worth selling. And the rest is history.

What am I up to now?

I run this blog and Youtube channel, providing resources to help you learn and inspire to try new things. I’m a prolific artist and sell my artwork online and in local shops. But most importantly I paint because it calms me and takes me to a different world even if only for a few minutes, before life takes over again.